On-Site Selection

On-Site Selection offers on-site recruitment solutions to businesses that use high volumes of temporary or contract workers. We have experience across many different industry sectors, working as an on-site recruiter or Master Vendor, including automotive, aerospace and food production to name but a few.

Our aim is to appear as if we work directly for your business and uphold the culture that you have created within your organisation. As an experienced on-site solution provider we are able to offer a bespoke service tailored to your business needs. This involves robust service level agreements that ensure our clients receive seamless management of their temporary or contract workforce. We will flawlessly incorporate ourselves into your business.

On-Site Selection offers a suite of time management systems ranging from online contractor portals to the most sophisticated biometric systems. Our time management systems are fully accessible to our clients and provide a range of reporting tools that allow client’s to track attendance, time keeping and overtime plus other management reports to suit your needs.

Our dedicated On-Site Controllers will be on site daily to work directly with the temporary or contract workforce to ensure that all business demands are met and that any issues are resolved before they become a problem. The benefits to using On-Site Selection are many and we are confident that the service level you receive will surpass anything that has gone before.


Our Managing Director, Izabela Cooper handles all new business proposals and would be happy to receive your contact.


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