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Today is our 7th birthday. We’ve celebrated with the opening of our new Birmingham branch.     Take a peek at this article from the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce:

As someone who has once had their CV on various job boards, I still receive a relatively large amount of unsolicited e-mails from recruiters. Some are well written, polite approaches with a genuine interest in my previous experience and seemingly a desire to want to talk further and work. However, I am starting to receive […]

Selection Matters and Newly Weds Foods working in partnership. Selection Matters and Newly Weds Foods have started working in partnership. As part of that partnership we went to St Leonard’s School this week to help the Year 2 pupils with this terms topic of “Food”. Newly Weds Plant Manager, John Butcher and his team put […]

According to a new survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out by the infamous, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, many of us rational human beings still believe in a whole host of myths, legends and fables. However, many of our deeply held beliefs are simply misconceived.     Read full article here:

How can countries help refugees integrate? The question looms large in Europe, which is experiencing a refugee crisis many are calling the biggest since World War II. In Ireland one organisation believes communication could be the answer.     Read full article here:

Simon Edwards and his namesake struck up an unlikely friendship as they began to regularly exchange their wrongly addressed messages Two men with the same name, same job, and same football team have finally met up… and are now fast becoming best pals. Simon Edwards, a court officer at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre, grew […]

12th April 2016

National Living Wage

Learn all about the National Living Wage.

What a legend! A serving of peace and love for a Monday morning!

When was the last time you really said thank you? Perhaps it was when you bought your morning coffee or someone held a door open for you. How often do you say thank you to your friends, family or colleagues, though? Lots of us have plenty of reasons to be grateful yet still focus on […]

The good news on jobs keeps on coming. Despite big swings on the stock market and concerns about global growth, more than 200,000 additional jobs were created in Britain in the last three months of last year — making a total of more than 500,000 during 2015. The majority of these are in full-time, regular employment, […]