We were contacted by iSoft, a major software provider, in May 2010 by the HR Manager, Amanda Bowen. She made us aware that over the next 6 months they were going to have a large recruitment drive, and they needed a few reliable local recruiters in place to service this. We were competing against 4 other local recruiters.

The initial role was for one HR Assistant. Amanda took two of our candidates through to final interview along with a few others from our competitors. She liked our candidates so much that she offered two jobs instead of one. We subsequently took pride of place as her lead recruiter and  went on to fill over 90% of the vacancies that were offered out to us despite competing against 4 other agencies. These roles varied from Management Accountants to IT Specialists. Amanda described it as the most efficient and effective recruitment drive she had ever conducted.

Here is what Amanda Bowen HR Manager of iSoft has said about Selection Matters:

“Over the last 7 months, Selection Matters have successfully placed in excess of 10 candidates with the organisation. The roles placed for us have varied from Administration, Technical and Professional. Two of these candidates were for my own HR Team, and I can honestly say that they have been real assets to the Department. The team at Selection Matters have always operated quickly and efficiently, and have often placed roles where other local agencies have experienced some difficulty.

We have always been kept up to date on all activity, and the team do a great job in marketing the candidates, strongly focusing in on the true strengths and predetermining areas for questions being able to offer information and substance for any reservations held. I would recommend Selection Matters for all areas of recruitment, their personal touch and dedication will always deliver results.”


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