Fast Food v Fine Dining recruitment

As someone who has once had their CV on various job boards, I still receive a relatively large amount of unsolicited e-mails from recruiters.

Some are well written, polite approaches with a genuine interest in my previous experience and seemingly a desire to want to talk further and work.

However, I am starting to receive more and more mass mail shots which have absolutely no relevance to my experience, with little or no care taken (see the image above). There is literally nothing on my CV which would even suggest I have any experience in joinery or carpentry profession (No – I have not listed ‘The Carpenters’ as an interest!).

The invention of e-mail marketing suites allow a single e-mail to be sent to thousands of recipients with literally no time or thought involved, just a few clicks and a tap of the send button.

I can’t help but draw a comparison to fast food; Mass produced, low quality, serving a purpose for a very short period of time, but ultimately not fulfilling the end goal (and usually leaving a bad taste in your mouth!).

A good recruitment assignment should be like fine dining; Outstanding service throughout the experience, a refined and high-quality approach to all that is done and a benefit which far outlasts the outlay invested.

Before engaging with a recruiter, you must consider whether you want the ‘fast food’ experience or a ‘fine dining’ experience – I know which one I would choose!

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